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OpenIoT Day in Karlsruhe 11th February 2015

Date: February 11, 2015
Location: Fraunhofer IOSB, Karlsruhe, Germany

“OpenIoT has been acknowledged as an “open source rookie of the year” for the Internet of Things by Blackduck Software (2014), and has been nominated for the Outstanding Academic Achievement at the 2014 Industry Awards by the Irish Software Association. The OpenIoT community is attracting many developers and IoT solution providers through the already created OpenIoT open source project.”


OpenIoT Day is an international event providing attendants a understanding of the functionality and advantages of the OpenIoT middleware for the software industry, and an overview about the OpenIoT platform and tools. OpenIoT Day welcomes any industrial corporations, SMEs, and developers interested in acquiring and contributing to know-how about IoT technology and services, based on the OpenIoT middleware.

“OpenIoT platform is an implemented open source horizontal platform to enable interoperability between IoT verticals and data silos for a unified IoT world”.

OpenIoT by design fits into the definition of a fully open and easy to adapt Internet of Things platform offering a wide range of demonstrators and service applications, addressing key topics such as sensor networks, sensing data, stream data processing, methods and protocol implementation to service openness, interoperability, service scheduling, delivery and utility management. The servce applications focus on IoT horizontal solutions in multidisciplinary areas, including but not limited to Smart City, Smart Spaces, Intelligent Manufacturing, Digital Agriculture, IoT Large Scale Deployments, M2M Interoperability Platforms, Smart Appliances and Devices, Assistance Living, and Crowdsensing monitoring solutions).


  • Understand the OpenIoT architecture, usability and adaptability of the developed OpenIoT tools for the Internet of Things industry needs, directly from the experts and system architects.
  • Experiences from industry and academics sharing their best insights from using the OpenIoT middleware.


The OpenIoT Day is a unique opportunity to learn directly from the OpenIoT creators, technical experts and developers about the status, progress and plans for OpenIoT architecture for the industry.
the OpenIoT Day combines keynote talks lectures on conceptual and application aspects of the Internet of Things with solid understanding and experiences and success stories from using the OpenIoT middleware.


The OpenIoT Day aims to let participants understand more about the awarded OpenIoT framework and available tools, while learning about the design principles, core architectural components, basics of functionality, practical experience(s) and success stories from use of this blueprint for large Scale Self-organizing Cloud Environments for Internet of Things Applications.

OpenIoT Foundation kickoff is also part of the expected outcomes. Be part of it from the start!

OpenIoT Design and Principles

  • Overall aspects for Internet of Things.
  • Core components and applied aspects for OpenIoT Architecture.
  • Service Openness and Interoperability principles.
  • Recent advances in the OpenIoT as open source platform.
  • Important research challenges and directions for semantic interoperability.


  • Contact with experts in the IoT domain at first class research facilities.
  • Networking with OpenIoT creators and experienced architects.
  • Industrial exchange and future collaborations.
  • Brainstorming, discuss and share your own ideas.
  • Expand your skills and expertise in creating OpenIoT solutions.


Please fill the online attendance list (indicating your organisation: “name+surname [company]” ) at

Once you fill the attendance list please register your data at Contact Us with the subject “OpenIoT DAY 2015” and a short message why you want to attend the OpenIoT Day, Soon after you register, we will send you an email to confirm your registration and with the instructions regarding the OpenIoT Day. If questions arise during the registration process, please contact us


The OpenIoT Day participation is FREE of cost, but places are limited, register now! Morning Coffee Break and Networking Lunch: Sponsored by Fraunhofer IOSB. NOTE: Participants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements.


09h00 Welcome – Thomas Usländer, Fraunhofer IOSB
09h10 OpenIoT project presentation – Martin Serrano, INSIGHT, OpenIoT Project Manager
09h45 OpenIoT Software presentation (architecture + offering as open source) – Prof. John Soldatos, Athens Institute of Technology
10h15 OpenIoT Foundation announcement – Martin Serrano, INSIGHT
10h30 Break
11h00 OpenIoT Scenario Presentations and Demonstrations

Intelligent Manufacturing (SENSAP)

Collaborative e–‐Science (CSIRO)

Smart Cities: Smart Campus – Crowdsensing – Silver Angel (Fraunhofer IOSB, UniZ-FER, AcrossLimits)

12h30 Lunch
13h30 Invited talk (Internet of Things, Big Data and Semantics) N.N.
14h00 Discussion: Internet of Things and the role of Semantics
14h45 Conclusion and Outlook – Martin Serrano, Thomas Usländer
15h00 End


The OpenIoT Day is hosted at: FRAUNHOFER IOSB Fraunhoferstraße 1, Karlsruhe, Germany

Click here to get directions on how to find us


In December 2011 the OpenIoT consortium joined efforts to unify technology and designing the OpenIoT middleware and services, in order to create an ecosystem for the Internet of Things (IoT) using semantic technologies, cloud computing and autonomic principles as main enablers. Privacy, security and mobility are also main aspects considered as crucial to enable within the IoT ecosystem.

In September 2012 the fully OPEN SOURCE OpenIoT middleware design was announced and the OpenIoT architecture specifications was made public. In April 2013 the OpenIoT modules were tested and the first integrated prototype was released.

In September 2013 the OpenIoT middleware was made fully available to the Open Source community for creating real-time IoT services on demand and enable interoperability between vertical IoT solutions and interconnect data silos.

In May 2014, the OpenIoT framework (BETA version v0.1.1) was released via the github project management portal here. Likewise the first version of the Virtual Development Kit – OpenIoT-VDK (running Linux) with the complete OpenIoT platform pre-installed and preconfigured for academic use was released. It can be downloaded from the OpenIoT github wiki by clicking here

The Virtual Development Kit (OpenIoT-VDK V1) features the OpenIoT latest release i.e. v0.1.1 and it’s size is 5,7 GB. The OpenIoT-VDK facilitates learning and using of the OpenIoT middleware for easy adoption. It is both industry friendly and open for academic purposes. The OpenIoT-VDK instance deploys an IoT service delivery model facilitating the validation of use cases that use the OpenIoT platform.

In June 2014, the second version of the Virtual Development Kit was announced at EUCNC 2014 conference – OpenIoT-VDK V2 (running Linux) with the complete OpenIoT platform pre-installed and preconfigured for academic use. OpenIoT-VDK V2 features the OpenIoT latest release i.e. v0.6.1 It can be downloaded from the OpenIoT github wiki by clicking here.

In October 2014, the second version of the Virtual Development Kit was distributed at the IoT 2014 Conference, at MIT Media Lab, Cambridge MA, U.S.A., OpenIoT-VDK V2 was used at the MIT IoT Hackaton to create an IoT industry-oriented solution in 24 hours and using out of the shell market sensors (HopUbiquitous Basic and NetAtmo).

In February 2015, the OpenIoT Day is organized as part of the OpenIoT Foundation kickoff. The OpenIoT CookBook including the full specification of the OpenIoT platform will be announced.


OpenIoT has been the receiver of the 2014 Open Source Black Duck Rookie of the year in the area of the Internet of Things. OpenIoT is maintained by the EU project consortium led by Insight-NUI Galway.

Press release: “BURLINGTON, Massachusetts USA and Galway, Ireland, 2014 — Black Duck Software announced that OpenIoT was named a Black Duck Open Source Rookie of the Year in the area of the Internet of Things. The sixth annual Black Duck Open Source Rookies of the Year awards recognize the top new open source projects. This year’s honorees span cloud and software virtualization, privacy, social media, and Internet of Things (IoT) projects addressing needs in the enterprise, government, gaming and consumer applications, among others, and reflect important trends in the open source community.” Click here


We kindly ask you to book your own accommodation for the time you are staying in Karlsruhe.

Hotel suggestions

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Hoepfner Burghof (3 ***) -> 83€ per night; breakfast included

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Fax 0721-6635066

Hotel Hasen

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