Open Source cloud solution for the Internet of Things

OpenIoT Summer School 4-8th August 2014


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OpenIoT Summer School is an international event for talented researcher(s) across Europe and other parts of the world and it is not limited to research but open to any industry or SME interested to participate, contribute, develop and acquire the know-how about IoT technology and services based on the OpenIoT middleware.

“OpenIoT middleware is an implemented OPEN SOURCE horizontal platform to enable interoperability between IoT verticals and Data silos for a unified IoT world”.

Covering in depth a range of specialized Interne of Things related topics, from sensor networks, sensing data, stream data processing, methods and protocol implementation to service openness, interoperability, service scheduling, delivery, utility management, and their applications with focus on IoT horizontal solutions in multidisciplinary areas, (e.g. smart city, intelligent manufacturing, car2car communications, M2M, smart appliances, etc.)


Problem analysis (case-by-case) and resolution via direct support from the experts in the area of data management, distributed systems design, ontology engineering, semantic technologies and senior researchers from academy and industry sharing best of their experiences from using OpenIoT middleware. OpenIoT has been awarded open source rookie of the year for the Internet of Things by Blackduck Software co. and is attracting many developers and IoT solution providers through the already created OpenIoT open source community.


OpenIoT summer school is a unique opportunity to learn directly from OpenIoT idea creators, technical experts and developers about the status, progress and plans for OpenIoT. Open challenges in the area of Internet of Things are also part of the expected outcomes.

OpenIoT Summer School combines keynote talks lectures on fundamental and applied aspects of the Internet of Things with hands-on tutorials and experimentation, providing the participants with a solid understanding and experience to further advance research using OpenIoT middleware.


The aims of the OpenIoT summer school are to:

Learn the design principles, core architectural components, basics of functionality and practical experience(s) about open source blueprint for large Scale Self-organizing Cloud Environments for Internet of Things Applications .

Design and Principles

  • Overall aspects for Internet of Things.
  • Core components and applied aspects for OpenIoT Architecture.
  • Service Openness and Interoperability principles.
  • Recent advances in the OpenIoT as open source platform.
  • Important research challenges and directions for semantic interoperability.

Technical and Hands-on

  • Experimentally-driven IoT experience in the form of hands-on sessions.
  • Resolution of specific Internet of Things-related problems.
  • Know how on one of the flagship leading European IoT middleware(s).


  • Contact with experts in the IoT domain(s) at first class research facilities.
  • Networking with IoT researchers and experienced scholars.
  • Academic and industrial exchange.
  • Opportunities to open discussions and round tables.
  • Brainstorming, discuss and share your own ideas.
  • Expand your skills and expertise on handling OpenIoT solutions.

For more information and how to register, Click here.

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