Open Source cloud solution for the Internet of Things

Deliverables & Results

Feb D2.1 End-users, Integrators and Providers Requirements (report)
May D2.2 Platform Requirements and Technical Specifications (report)
Aug D4.1 Service Delivery Environment Strategies (report)
Aug D6.1 Open Source Software Portal
Aug D7.3 Business Models (report)
Nov D1.5 Annual Public Management Report
Nov D2.3 Architecture and Proof-of-Concept Specifications (report)
Feb D3.1 Semantic Representations of Internet-Connected Objects (report, 2nd version)
IERC Cluster “Addressing, Naming and Indexing” (report)
SME survey on use of Internet-Connected Objects (white paper)
Aug D3.2 Semantic Communication Protocols (prototype)
Aug D4.3 Core OpenIoT Middleware Platform (prototype)
Oct IoT Semantic Interoperability: Research Challenges, Best Practices, Solutions and Next Steps
Nov D1.8 Annual Public Management Report
Nov D5.1 Self-Management and Optimization Framework (prototype, 2nd version)
Nov D6.2 Support for Users, Contributors and Developers (report)
Nov D7.2 Dissemination Activities and Plans (updated report)
Nov D7.5 Cluster Activities (updated report)
Jan D3.4 Publish/subscribe middleware for mobile internet-connected objects (prototype)
Jan D4.2 Utility Metrics Specifications (report, 2nd version)
Feb D3.3 Intelligent OpenIoT Edge Server (prototype, 2nd version)
May D4.3 Core OpenIoT Middleware Platform (prototype, 2nd version)
May D4.4 OpenIoT Integrated Development Environment (prototype, 2nd version)
May D4.5 Elastic publish/subscribe processing engine for sensor data streams (prototype, 2nd version)
May D4.6 Quality of service (QoS) for IoT services (report)
May D7.1 Evaluation of Platform and Validating Applications (report)
Aug D5.2 Privacy and Security Framework (prototype, 2nd version)
Sep D6.3 Proof-of-Concept Validating Applications (prototype, 2nd version)
Sep D6.4 Environmental monitoring application (prototype)
Nov D1.12 Annual Public Management Report 
Nov D6.2 Support for Users, Contributors and Developers Support (final report)
Nov D7.1 Evaluation of Platform and Validating Applications (final report)
Nov D7.2 Dissemination Activities and Plans (final report)
Nov D7.5 Cluster Activities (final report)
Nov D7.6 Report on expertise building and integration into EU ICT R&D (report)