Open Source cloud solution for the Internet of Things


European Research Cluster for the Internet of Things – IERC

The European Research Cluster on the Internet of Things has created a number of activity chains to facilitate close cooperation between the projects addressing IoT topics and to form an arena for exchange of ideas and open dialog on important research challenges. The activity chains are defined as work streams that group together partners or specific participants from partners around well defined technical activities that will result into at least one output or delivery that will be used in addressing the IERC objectives.

Activity Chain 2 – Naming and addressing schemes. Means of search and discovery

This activity Chain is coordinated by OpenIoT. Activities, conferences, and more IERC AC2 details can be found at:

Activity Chain 4 – Service openness and inter-operability issues/semantic interoperability

This activity Chain is co-coordinated by OpenIoT and PROBEIoT. Within the various areas, we have defined two streams of activities related to Technical Interoperability on the one hand and Syntactic and Semantic Interoperability on the other hand. Activities, conferences, and more IERC AC4 details can be found at:

Future Internet Enterprise Systems – FinES

Future Internet Enterprise Systems (FInES) aims at enabling enterprises, including SMEs, by means of ICT, to exploit the full potential of the Future Internet.

OpenIoT contributes to FInES by creating an innovative architecture blueprint for businesses to create sensor clouds that can be queried for information without worrying about which sensors are involved in delivering it. OpenIoT also creates a business mapping of FInES and IERC projects in product and market dimensions.

Future Internet Assembly – FIA

Future Internet Assembly is a collaboration between projects that have recognized the need to strengthen European activities on the Future Internet to maintain European competitiveness in the global marketplace.  See also the European Future Internet Portal.

OpenIoT as a project and its partners are frequent collaborators, exhibitors and session organizers at the Future Internet Assembly conferences.