Open Source cloud solution for the Internet of Things


OpenIoT is simple to use, connect all your sensors and make them a natural extension of your IoT solution, enabling accessibility to IoT based resources and their capabilities.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is an integral component of the Future Internet, OpenIoT integrates, security, service delivery, cloud computing and utility-based models.

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Smart Cities

OpenIoT smart city solutions (Smart Campus, Crowd-Sensing Monitoring, & Assistance Living) are pioneers on smart city innovation from research-academia to industry products.

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OpenIoT is lead by communities of researchers and developers. Industry and standardization bodies already look at OpenIoT as the IoT Stack blueprint open source implementation.

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Celebrating 5 years since its first release!

OpenIoT first release was in 2012, that was the time when developers from industry and academics  jointly released the first-ever open source platform to the open source community for connecting physical and virtual sensors to the Cloud.

OpenIoT was awarded software project winner of the “Rookie of the Year” as best Internet of Things Open Source Platform in 2013 and winner as “best semantic Interoperability” solution for sensor integration at the IoT Hackaton in 2014.

The main outcomes are the open source middleware with the same name OpenIoT and the OpenIoT-VDK that is a ready-to-use version for academic and training purposes. Read more about the project and Internet-of-Things technologies visiting this website.

OpenIoT is a reference semantic-based platform in the current IoT-EPI (European Platform Innitiative).