Open Source cloud solution for the Internet of Things


The Internet-of-Things (IoT) will be an integral component of the Future Internet (FI) and therefore should be smoothly integrated within FI service delivery models and the emerging utility based cloud computing paradigms. To-date several researchers have described the benefits of a pervasive (sensor-based) distributed computing infrastructure without however providing a systematic and structured solution to the formulation and management of utility based IoT environments.

OpenIoT is perceived as a natural extension to cloud computing implementations, which will allow access to additional and increasingly important IoT based resources and capabilities. OpenIoT is pertinent to a wide range of interrelated scientific and technological areas spanning: (a) Middleware for sensors and sensor networks, (b) Ontologies, semantic models and annotations for representing internet-connected objects, along with semantic open-linked data techniques (c) Cloud/Utility computing, including utility based security and privacy schemes.

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Contract No.: 287305
Objective: ICT-2011.1.3
Internet-Connected Objects

NUIG-DERI, Galway, Ireland
Dangan, IDA Business Park
Galway City, Ireland
Project Coordinator
Prof. Manfred Hauswirth
Project Manager
Dr. Martin Serrano
Prof. John Soldatos
Technical Coordinator
EC Contribution
2,455,000.00 Euro
Project Start Date:
01 Dec 2011
36 months