Open Source cloud solution for the Internet of Things

Smart City / Smart Campus

Smart Campus

The smart campus project is primarily an implementation of the location-aware service pattern. In a particular case for KIT university campus students acts in the business role of an End User, and the University acting as a Solution Provider for the CampusGuide and as an Infrastructure Provider for the sensing equipment within the university campus. A data warehouse partner will act on a contractual basis as the Platform Provider.

The students will benefit from location-aware services for using campus equipment and collaboration services. This will be an added value for students and increases the attractiveness of the university campus and will be paid via the tuition fees. The University, as the receiver of the tuition fees, will be able to support the data warehouse partner and make investments as in on-campus ambient sensors as well as promoting the use of the system to students and staff.

The Campus Guide project demonstrates the potential of OpenIoT platform to build integrated applications on top of sensor input from “internet connected things” with social network applications. A collaboration scenario called “smart meeting” will be enriched by interactions with working place elements. That will demonstrate the connection between virtual and physical things within a single application. Beside the technological aspects also the potential business cases will be studied within this use case. Possible value chains between stakeholders are being reflected against the OpenIoT service architecture possibilities.