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OpenIoT Activities

In the latest months the OpenIoT team has been breathlessly working on disseminating the project to create awareness and build an interest group in the team’s work. The team has brilliantly managed to include OpenIoT in the syllabus of the master programme at Santa Clara University, CA, USA. OpenIoT was in charge of giving insight about the Internet of Things, which is now inserted in the theory and practical experience sections of the programme. Being the pioneers in this field at the Santa Clara University, the latter has appointed Dr. Martin Serrano, who will be teaching the IoT principles and conducting Laboratory experiments with the students. Furthermore, OpenIoT was also part of the BILAT workshop as a segment of the 4th IoT Conference, which was held on the 8th of October 2014. The workshop presented was called: ‘Spotlighting Market Innovation with Open Platforms: “OpenIoT Middleware’, which aimed at presenting and discussing the topic of semantic interoperability and successful European and USA Open source platforms.


The OpenIoT team has also participated in yet another event which was held between the 8th and 10th of October 2014, at IoT Hackaton at the MIT Media Laboratory in Boston MA, USA. At the conference the IoT team has presented the work solution based on OpenIoT project. On the other hand the OpenIoT scenario validation and Platform demos were showcased during the Demo session at the MIT Media Lab in Boston MA, USA during the 4th IoT Conference 2014.


Finally, OpenIoT-VDK V2 has also been released at the MIT Media Labs in the framework of the IoT Conference Demo Session.

For further information about some of the above-mentioned activities please look into the following websites:

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